5 Reasons You Need Our Self Tanning Foam

5 Reasons You Need Our Self Tanning Foam

The days are getting warmer and it's coming into prime tanning weather! 
Our tanning range is here to carry you through Springtime with a natural, bronzed and healthy glow. 
Here's 5 reasons Byron Bay Bronze's Self Tanning Foam is your best friend this Spring:


1. Made ethically and sustainably, without compromising on quality

We have worked with dermatologists, naturopaths, formulation chemists and manufacturers (The world's leading) to develop a product that is unmatched in terms of quality. Our user testing shows Byron Bay Bronze as one of the highest rated self-tans on the market!

In addition to being high quality, being ethical and sustainable in every decision we make is vital to us.  

We have a zero animal testing policy, and an all vegan ingredients list. All of our products are also Australian Made, over 99% natural and we donate 1% of all profits to Wild Ark.

Plus, did we mention all bottles are produced from ocean waste plastic?


2. Kind to your skin

We not only aim to provide our customer’s high quality, but believe this should occur at no cost to your skin.

Ingredients you will find in our tans include organic aloe vera, witch hazel, black walnut, vitamin E, vitamin C plus other ingredients all extracted from nature where possible.


3. A deep tan - minus the sun damage

A healthy dose of Vitamin D from natural sunlight is vital for optimum health.

However, as we’re all aware, too much sun exposure can damage our skin overtime and have some serious negative consequences.

Our self tans are the perfect way to get that same golden glow without having to lay in the sun for hours.


4. A natural colour with zero orange 

You know those moments when you go to the bathroom and notice you've had something in your teeth while talking to your friend the whole time, and they never mentioned it!? Or when your tan turns out orange, but no one has the courage to let you know. Well, we would never do that to you.

Byron Bay Bronze products are odourless, free of orange tones, non-sticky and have a natural fade...no like really, you cannot tell when it starts to fade. 

Our formulations contain ingredients that nourish your skin and ensure the perfect tan every time. 


5. Your extra little confidence boost 

We believe everyone should feel 100% comfortable in their own skin and love themselves, no matter what! Although sometimes we need that extra little confidence boost. 

If Byron Bay Bronze can give you that amazing, confident post-tan feeling we all know and love, then we’re here for it!

Dark Tanning Mist 1 Litre

$99.95 AUD

20 Minute Rapid Tanning Mist - 1 Litre

$99.95 AUD

Medium Tanning Mist 1 Litre

$49.98 AUD

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