5 Simple Sustainability Hacks

5 Simple Sustainability Hacks

It's World Wildlife Day!

This day was created to celebrate and raise awareness of the world’s wild animals and plants. 

In honour of this, we've created a list below of 5 simple sustainability hacks we can all follow to be kinder to our planet and wildlife!

1. Think twice before shopping

Always think 'can I buy this product in a more sustainable version?' Example check if you can get it second hand, made from higher quality materials or from a more ethical company.

2. Go plastic-free 

An estimated 8 Million tons of plastic enters our oceans every year! We definitely don't need more of it. Virgin plastic should be avoided at all costs- however you can invest in recycled and repurposed plastic items that use up the plastic waste already existing on our planet. 

3. Swap out regular household items for more sustainable versions

They may cost more up-front but the benefits will pay off in the long run; for you and the planet. Some common, easy swaps are beezwax wraps instead of glad wrap, reusable cloths instead of paper towel and metal straws.

4. Give new life to unwanted items

Have a clean out and donate or sell what you no longer want. You know what they say; one person's trash, is another's treasure⁠.

5. Keep a reusable bag, cup and straw in your handbag to avoid being caught without them when you need!

A few things we do here at Byron Bay Bronze to reduce our environmental footprint-

  • Ensure that all of our products are Vegan and Cruelty-free

  • Bottle all of our products in in Ocean Waste Plastic

  • Donate 1% of all of our profits to Wild Ark


What are your hacks? ⁠Share them with us in the comments, or come and chat with us on our socials!


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