Clean Ingredients That Nourish Your Skin

Clean Ingredients That Nourish Your Skin
Our tans have been formulated with you in mind. Beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of causing your skin any damage, which is why our tans do the opposite.
All of our products are filled with enriching ingredients that are designed to be gentle on your skin and leave you glowing.
Here are some of our key ingredients that work their magic to nourish your skin:

1. Organic Aloe Vera-
Treats sunburn, acne & anti-aging
2. Witch Hazel-
Relieves inflammation, reduces skin irritation & fights acne
3. Black Walnut-
Reduces inflammation, treats acne, eczema & psoriasis
4. Vitamin E-
Fights ageing, complements SPF & hydrates skin 
5. Vitamin C-
Antioxidant, moisturising & enhances skin radiance

Ultimate Tanning Starter Kit

$200.00 AUD

20 Minute Rapid Tanning Mist - 1 Litre

$99.95 AUD

Dark Tanning Mist 1 Litre

$99.95 AUD

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