Exfoliating Mitt | Bamboo Exfoliating Gloves | Byron Bay Bronze

Natural Sisal & Bamboo Exfoliating Mitt


Looking for a natural, organic, sustainably sourced exfoliating mitt, perfect for sensitive skin & won't cost the earth? The packaging is made from 100% recycled paper. 

Not only are you buying a premium exfoliating mitt that will have your skin prepped for the perfect sunless tan, you are not destroying forests or endangering our furry friends...how good is that. 

Byron Bay Bronze Exfoliating Gloves & Bamboo Exfoliating Mitt


What is body brushing?

Body brushing is a technique used to exfoliate and cleanse your skin, promoting a healthy and glowing appearance. It has excellent health benefits including increased circulation, cellulite reduction, smoother skin and, importantly, body brushing detoxifies the lymphatic system.

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