Information on tanning foams (Also called tanning mousse)

If you are looking for a tanning mousse/foam (Same thing) with no smell and a guaranteed perfect colour? You have come to the right place. We have formulated our mousse to glide on easily (that sounds like a marketing claim but it isn't. Try a cheap mousse and you will see what we mean) and gives a colour that will resemble what the tan will look like in the end after development. 

Tanning foams are by far the number one best selling tanning product in the world and there are good reasons for that. The special foaming bottle turns a liquid into a foam/mousse which allows for easy application, extended life of your product and a perfect result every time. 

We want you to apply the tan and be able to get on with life. If you are using Ultra Dark and layering or applying a lot of product, you will obviously look very dark to begin...don't freak out, the guide colours are simply that, a guide so you know where you have applied the tan. It is super important for the dry areas like back of hands, elbows and knees, where you will want to use the solution sparingly. 

The end result is the piece da resistance (said as an Aussie would hear it in their mind) pièce de résistance being the actual French phrase meaning the most important or remarkable feature...anyway the end results, yes, it is why we have 100% 5 star reviews and a loyal customer base. You will never go orange, the product will never smell, it will look natural with brilliant coverage and it will fade naturally, without any annoying assault on your skins epidermis with the loofah. Rest assured it is the most premium solution on the market. Our cost to manufacture is much higher than everyone else that's for sure but the quality is second to none. 

The last crucial factor being that the solution has been formulated to go further than other brands (think back to the gliding on part). You will get a lot more from our solution owing to the amazing consistency. 

If you would like any more information please reach out at any time, we will be happy to help.

Happy Tanning xx