Locals Guide to Byron Bay

Locals Guide to Byron Bay

Ah, the land of sun-kissed surfers, street-side buskers, retreat seekers, Hollywood celebs and acai bowl aficionados – Byron Bay! If you've ever wondered what it's like to live a day in our hippie-chic paradise, then we’re going to take you on an epic journey through the bohemian streets, sandy shores, and crystal-clear waters. Let's dive into a day in the Bay!


Morning Glory

Rise and Shine, sleeping beauty! As the sun peeks over the horizon, so do the energetic souls of Byron Bay. The town's unofficial wake-up call comes from the harmonious, sound-bowl healing hum of yoga enthusiasts and the lightly express (lighthouse walkers), who gather on the beaches like a flock of serene seagulls. Stretch, twist, and contort yourself into the sunrise – the most gram-worthy way to greet the day.

Breakfast with a Side of Organic Magic
Fuel up for the day ahead with an acai bowl from the Top Shop that's prettier than your Spell dress you just grabbed in town. Or, if you’ve had a big night out after a few too many margies at Miss Margarita and feeling a little dusty, Beloporto is sure to heal last night’s wounds. Or if you’re after a sit down brunch with the gals, you can’t go past everyone’s fave, Bayleaf Cafe (don’t be scared by the enormous crowd on a Saturday morning - this just shows the level of demand). Either way you’re spoilt for choice here in Byron of where to grab your brekkie and your options are as colourful as the locals' personalities.


Surf's Up

Byron Bay is synonymous with surfing, and even if you've never touched a surfboard, this is the place to give it a shot. Grab your board (or swing by McTavish and they'll sort you out with a sweet board), apply your gradual tan (to get the locals look) and enough sunscreen to resemble a walking coconut, and paddle out into the waves at the Pass with the grace of a slightly clumsy dolphin. Bonus points if you manage to stand up – even if it's just for a split second. And if not, well, wipeouts make for great tales…



Getting Groovy at Sunset

As the sun starts to set, the locals gather on the beach for an impromptu drum circle dance party. Did you bring your bongos? No worries – just grab one from Byron Music, or just sway, twirl, and groove to the rhythm of the drums like nobody's watching (no one is, their eyes are closed and they are one with the universe). The gorgeous sunset will have you mentally packing up your house and hiring a moving van as you just can’t imagine a life other than this one - that’s how we all end up here!) Oh, and the good vibes are totally contagious.


Dinner Delights
From Kombucha to Calamari, you’re going to be hungry after all that dancing. Wander on over to Bay Lane, the mecca of Byron's eclectic eateries, where you can choose between raw vegan masterpieces and seafood feasts. This town knows how to cater to all kinds of cravings – kombucha on tap for the health-conscious, and calamari for those who consider fried seafood a spiritual experience.

Cheer Up, Slow Down & Chill Out
Beautiful Byron, from sunrise yoga to moonlit strolls, every moment here is touched by the magic of  free-spirit. So, whether you're a pro surfer, a yoga guru, or just someone looking for an acai bowl with a side of quirkiness, Byron Bay welcomes you with open arms (dressed in organic linen of course) and an ocean breeze!

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