General FAQ

There are three pillars to our success:

1. Product quality 

We have worked with dermatologists, naturopaths, formulation chemists and manufacturers (The world's leading) to develop a product that is unmatched in terms of quality. Our user testing shows the highest rated self tanner on the market, a tan your can trust.  If you do not agree 100% we will refund your purchase. 

Odourless, no orange, non sticky and a natural like really, you can not tell when it starts to fade. Our formulations contain natural, organic & sustainably sourced ingredients which nourish your skin and ensure the perfect self tan every time. 

Our dual tanning actives of DHA & Erythrulose ensure the studied positive impacts of dual tanning agents are delivered to you the consumer in a manner that maintains a healthy PH balance. 

2. Sustainability 

Below are just some of the ways in which you know you are buying a brand that values our planet and our people:

-Natural, organic sustainably sourced ingredients 

-100% ocean waste plastic packaging 

-Peta & vegan 

-1% profits to Wild Ark 

-Financial services by Bank Australia (Sustainable bank) 

-100% recycled material in all E-Commerce orders 

-B-Corp certification 

3. Service 

We aim to go above and beyond your expectations as a brand. Our daily order cut off time is 11am, meaning if you order up until 11am we will pack and send your order that day. We monitor our social media, emails and online inquiries consistently and any inquiries will be responded to in a very short period of time. 

We offer a 100% money back guarantee even if you simply changed your mind after using the product. We know people will do the right thing by us and so we want to return the love. There would be nothing worse than being stuck with a product you didn't want. 

We are always open to your feedback and if you have anything you would like to let us know about we would love to hear it. 

DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is the active ingredient in self-tanning products. It is a sugar molecule that reacts to the amino acids on the surface of the skin. The level of DHA controls how dark and natural the colour looks. Byron Bay Bronze uses a high level of high quality nature-derived DHA that is carefully formulated to create a natural looking tan – balanced with moisturisers to guarantee a smooth, streak-free application and glow. 

Our foams can be washed off after just 1 hour, but for a deeper tan we advise avoiding too much contact with water such as showering, swimming, and perspiring for 6 - 8 hours to allow your tan to develop fully on the skin.

We recommend avoiding swimming for 6 - 8 hours after applying your tan to allow it to develop fully on your skin. Once your tan has developed you can swim, however seawater and chlorinated pools may result in your tan fading a little more quickly.

It is typically only the top layer of the skin that’s affected by DHA, and shouldn't have any harmful effects while pregnant.

If you’re unsure, it’s always best to double-check with your doctor. To be extra cautious we recommend covering your mouth, nose and eyes when applying to prevent inhaling the products. Additionally do not apply to the breast area if breastfeeding.

It can also be helpful to do a skin test before self-tanning, as hormone levels can fluctuate throughout pregnancy.

We recommend wearing loose, dark clothing for up to 8 hours while your tan develops. Until washing the excess tan off, please be mindful that the colour may transfer onto items of clothing or bedding. Byron Bay Bronze does however dry quickly and any transfer will be minimal. 

Yes, you can still get a tan from the sun while wearing Byron Bay Bronze. It's important to know that our self-tanners do not offer any sun protection.

No, Byron Bay Bronze is opposed to animal testing and none of our products have been tested on animals. We are also PETA approved.

If your order contains a product on backorder, our order will not be sent until all items from your order arrive. Please note before buying.

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