Self Tan FAQ

If you are a fake tan virgin, even if you’ve had a spray tan applied professionally before, it can be a bit daunting to apply self tan yourself the first time.
In this guide, we cover how to prepare your skin to avoid a splotchy tan, the easiest and best application method and some simple do's and don'ts.
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You want to remove your fake tan but aren't sure how to do it without aggressively scrubbing your skin and causing irritation. 


In this guide, we cover the best products to remove fake tan, a simple and effective way to remove fake tan and how to avoid skin irritation in the process.


Click here for your ultimate removing fake tanning guide.

Our feet, hands, elbows, and knees tend to be the driest parts of our bodies. Therefore, tan tends to cling to them that little bit more.
To avoid this occurring when applying self tan, we recommend only using the leftover residue on your mitt to rub onto these areas so only a small amount is distributed.
When self tanning and spray tanning, apply a small amount of chemical-free moisturiser to dryer skin areas before your tan application which acts as a barrier and protects these areas from absorbing too much tan.

Our Luxury Face Tan Water is as simple as applying a few mists to your hands and gently pressing into the skin on your face, neck and decolletage.
You want to apply this to a freshly washed face. Allow the Face Tan Water to dry before applying your moisturiser as normal.
This is a gradual tanning product. Apply morning and night until you reach your desired shade.

Our One Day Glow Matte is your night-out survival kit must-have.
Apply a liberal amount of the instant tanning cream to the desired area, wash your hands and head out the door. Before hopping into bed, wash it off, and your skin will return to the shade it was before application.
When you've made the last-minute decision to wear a skirt or strap-less top and don't have time for our 1-hour express, this is your go-to.

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