Before & After Fake Tan

Say goodbye to your white bits and hello to an all-year round natural looking tan with Byron Bay Bronze. Containing natural, organic and sustainably sourced ingredients, our tanning products will protect and nourish your skin. And with all of our packaging being 100% Ocean Waste Plastic, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet too. With our specially formulated self-tans to suit every skin tone, we have you covered. Struggling to find your match? Byron Bay Bronze will get you the best fake tan before and after results. Whether you’re fair, olive or dark, we’re here to help you get your glow.

If you’re unsure which shade best suits your skin, we’ve pulled together some of our best before and after tan pictures to help you.

For flawless results, check out our Ultimate Fake Tanning Guide.

Before and After Medium Tan

Medium Before and After Fake Tan Pictures - Byron Bay Bronze Before and After Tan

Looking for a sun-kissed glow that’s a shade darker than your natural skin tone? Our Medium Self-Tanning Foam is everything you’ve been looking for. Perfect for pale to medium skin tones, to prep your skin for perfect before and after fake tan results, you’ll want to use our Natural Sisal & Bamboo Exfoliating Mitt. Taking special care to keep your skin moisturised too will ensure your tan lasts 10 to 14 days. Not only will you be getting a flawless sunless tan, thanks to its natural fibres and 100% recyclable packaging, this mitt is sustainable and good for our planet.

Before and After Dark Tan

Dark Before and After Fake Tan Pictures - Byron Bay Bronze Before and After Tan

Perfect for medium to olive skin tones, our Dark Self-Tanning Foam will give you a gorgeous naturally bronzed tan. For a smooth application with full coverage, you’ll want to use our Luxe Tanning Mit. The best on the market, it will protect your hands, and leave you with flawless before and after fake tan results. You’ll want to exfoliate after 7-10 days and reapply to keep your tan streak free but unlike a sun-tan, our premium ingredients such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E will be there to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised - so you can thank us later!

Before and After Ultra Dark Tan

Ultra Dark Before and After Fake Tan Pictures - Byron Bay Bronze Before and After Tan

For the deepest, darkest tan that could only be found after two weeks in the Maldives, look no further than our Ultra Dark Self-Tanning Foam - it’s perfect if you have naturally darker skin tone or you’re looking for a darker shade for your tan.

Everyone’s skin develops tan differently, so we always recommend rinsing after 1-2 hours when you first use our ultra dark tan so you can see how it sits with your skin. The longer you leave it, the darker your tan will be so play around with it until you find your ideal results! We love to take before and after tan pictures to really see how the colour has developed. We only use natural, organic, cruelty-free ingredients that are kind to your skin so you can reduce signs of ageing, hydrate and protect your skin, while still rocking an epic tan.

Before and after face water tan

Before and After Face Water Fake Tan Pictures - Byron Bay Bronze Before and After Tan

Our Luxury Face Tan Water works gradually to suit all skin tones. With the perfect ingredients to care for delicate skin on your face, this little miracle mist provides the best fake tan before and after results, leaving you with the perfect post-holiday glow, all-year round. Infused with natural ingredients like aloe vera, coconut water and vitamin E, your skin will feel hydrated and nourished. While it can last for 7 to 10 days, it’s designed to be a part of your regular skincare routine. Use it daily until you reach your desired shade, we recommend exfoliating every 3 to 4 days and then start again when you’re ready for a top up!

The best fake tan before and after results

At Byron Bay Bronze, we think our fake tan is the best around, delivering you the perfect tan, every time. Our active ingredients are the silent heroes when it comes to giving you beautiful glowing results. We always include organic aloe vera to soothe the skin, witch hazel to calm inflammation and irritation, black walnut to combat inflammatory skin conditions, vitamin E for its anti-ageing properties and Vitamin C to moisturise your skin and add radiance.

Don’t believe us? The proof is in the before and after fake tan results and raving reviews from our lovely users. Natural looking tan, with amazing results and no nasty odours? Organic, natural ingredients that nourishes and cares for your skin? No orange marks on your clothes or sticky residue on your sheets when you’re getting your beauty sleep? These are just some of the highlights that people have shared about what they love about using our products.

Charlotte C.

“My favourite Tanner! So happy I found this. It’s such a natural colour, you can’t really go wrong with it and it has literally no smell.”


“I used this brand for my wedding. Their products are amazing as it gives a natural looking tan and no odour! My bridesmaids loved it too!”

Gracey B.

“Hands down the best tanner EVER. No smell, no orange & the part I couldn't believe is no transfer. Will never change.”

Jayne M.

“LOVE this tan! Goes on so smoothly, doesn’t smell and isn't too sticky to sleep in. Felt like it was moisturising my skin, not drying it out like other brands. Best of all, it’s organic! 10/10!”

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