Fake tanning when pregnant

Can I use fake tan while pregnant?

Mama to be

This is something we get asked a lot... Of course no-one has conducted clinical trials on our mama's to be, however we do have lots of happy mums who can vouch for the safety of Byron Bay Bronze on their unborn bubs.

Almost all sunless tanners contain an active DHA which has been shown to be safe when topically applied to the body. Our solutions are natural and organic and do not contain the parabens and carcinogens that cheaper products contain to get similar results. We believe in using the best ingredients for the safety of your skin and our planet.

We are happy to use Byron Bay Bronze while pregnant, as are many of our customers, and we are confident that you can too. In fact, the picture above is from one of our beautiful customers who submitted the image to us. 

Happy tanning! xx