The ocean waste plastic story

The most important thing for us as a brand is to provide the best natural, organic self tanning products on the market. We are humbled by our reviews and will continue to develop the best tanning foams, tanning creams, tanning mitts, self tanning oils, gradual tanners and many more. 
A close second is to consider the impact we have everyday on our planet and our people, which is why we use 100% ocean waste plastic packaging, donate 1% of all profits to @wildark, bank with a sustainable bank, only use recycled paper for all E-Commerce orders & we are moving towards our B-Corp certification. 
It should be an easy i buy Brand A that is generating new plastic to pollute our planet over and over again or do i subscribe to a new paradigm, one where the more you use, the more is done to help solve some of the world's problems. We believe #cleanbeauty should be the normal. 
Great brand, great product (As voted by our customers) & a great way of doing business...join us today!