4 Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

4  Tips for a Sustainable Christmas

People are starting to become more aware of the increasing need to be environmentally aware and sustainability has come to being in everyone's forefront when it comes to making better decisions for our planet. We know this can sometimes be overwhelming, so to make things easier for you we've come up with some simple sustainable Christmas tips you can follow this festive season. 

1. Plan Your Shopping

Last minute panic buying often ends up in purchases we otherwise wouldn't have made if we had had more time. Start making your list early and where you can purchase those items (whether it’s presents or items for Christmas day) - and stick to it. When making your list, consider how those products are made and if they sustainable. When it comes to shopping for presents, gone are the days of throw away, use one gifts. People are love forever items and gifts that will stand the test of time. So think it through and consider useful presents - something your loved one will actually want (possible need) and love.
2. Shop conscious

Invest in businesses that you believe in and align with. Vote with your dollar. Seen something down at the weekend markets that you love? Well, we bet that stall holder would love it even more if you bought from them! Do some quick research before buying from a company to check that they're making a conscious effort to do their part for the planet. We know it sounds cliche, but every little choice and bit we do helps and makes a difference. 
3. Receiving Unwanted Presents

Have you ever been given something you don’t want from an estranged Aunt? Or a token stocking filler that just doesn't hit the mark? We’ve all been there..To avoid the temptation to hoard in hope that you’ll ‘one day’ use it, or to avoid throwing the item into landfill, make a point of telling those in your life that you're making a choice this Christmas to not spend or receive mindlessly. Whether that be just simply stating, "hey, lets make sure we avoid that big chain store this season and gift hand-made presents?" Or, "let's really try and buy locally as the small guys are probably doing it tough this time of year." If you do happen to receive a gift that isn't to your liking you could consider taking any unwanted gifts to an op shop, regifting to someone who will use it (discreetly of course), or selling it on FB Marketplace.

4. Recycle & Re-use 

Make it a point when everyone is tearing through the pressies Christmas morning to tuck away any wrapping paper and cards that you receive – you can recycle them next year for wrapping and you can cut up old Christmas cards to make unique gift tags. 
Sustainability at Byron Bay Bronze

A few actions we take at Byron Bay Bronze to act consciously are:

- Use Ocean Waste Plastic for all tan packaging
- Use natural, organic, PETA approved, vegan & cruelty-free ingredients
- Pack all ecommerce orders in recyclable/biodegradable materials
- Think sustainability first in every process
- Have a paperless and zero waste office environment

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