5 Common Tanning Mistakes We've All Made

5 Common Tanning Mistakes We've All Made

We’ve all had a bad fake tan experience at least once- and it’s never a fun time. If you’ve ever ended up with patches, marks on your hands, or an overall unappealing tan, chances are you may have been guilty of at least one of the following mistakes.

Let’s go through 5 common self tanning mistakes that we've all made and how you can avoid them in the future. 


1. You don't exfoliate beforehand

Good tans come to those who exfoliate. If the flawless tan you imagined didn’t quite turn out and instead you’re left with a streaky, patchy mess, this is usually a give away that you didn’t properly exfoliate the night before applying your tan.
Exfoliating removes dead skin cells from your skin that may contain dirt, old tan and any other debris that can interfere with your new tan giving an even coverage when being applied.

Best practice is to exfoliate your skin 24 hours prior to tanning, using an exfoliating glove like the Sisal & Bamboo Exfoliating Mitt as well as a Tan Remover like the Pro Strength Tan Remover if you need to remove debris of old tan. This rule also applies when getting a spray tan.


2. You don't use a tanning mitt to apply.

The smooth surface of a tanning mitt will ensure that tan is evenly distributed when applying it onto skin. It’s also a guaranteed way to protect the palms of your hands so that you don’t end up with those awkward tan hands that we all dread.

You can use a mitt like the Luxe Tanning Mitt, pump your Self Tanning Foam onto the mitt, and rub it onto your body in long circular strokes. 
If you notice a build-up of tan in any particular area, simply use your mitt to buffer out the area and blend it into skin. 


3. You get dressed too quickly afterwards. 

Okay we get it, we all have places to be and sometimes we just want to put on a tan and go. However, it’s important to  be patient and wait for your tan to dry first.
This process can take up to an hour, and once your tan has dried we still don’t recommend reaching for your best pair of skinny jeans. We suggest wearing loose dark clothing during the time your tan is developing.

Once your tan has developed (after 1-8 hours with our self tanning foams) you can then rinse it off and are free to get dressed without hesitation. Not rushing to get dressed is especially important after you’ve just received a spray tan as the tan hasn’t been rubbed into skin and needs further time to dry.


4. Your feet and hands look unnaturally dark

Our feet and hands, along with elbows and knees tend to be the driest parts of our bodies. Therefore, tan tends to cling to them that little bit more. 

To avoid this occurring when applying self tan, we recommend only using the leftover residue on your mitt to rub onto these areas so only a small amount is distributed.

When self tanning and spray tanning, You may wish to apply a small amount of chemical-free moisturiser to dryer skin areas prior to tan application which acts as a barrier and protects these areas from absorbing too much tan.


5. Your tan gets wet before it’s developed

You don’t realise how much you’re exposed to water until you’ve just applied a fresh coat of tan and are trying to avoid it at all costs. Doing the dishes, hanging out wet clothes, being caught in the rain are all things we want to avoid until your tan has developed and has been rinsed off. 

You also want to avoid exercise, sweating and being exposed to steamy environments as these all interfere with your tan’s development.

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